Sunday, 29 November 2009

It's nearly time...

So, two (to be revealed) current songs have made a late surge into my top 100 of the decade meaning that two songs that had been due to feature at #100 and #99 have been cruelly knocked out at the last minute, but it's only fair that they get their moment in the limelight like all of the other shortlisted songs that missed out. So here we go;

Boyzone - Love You Anyway - 2008

I was quite intrigued to hear of Boyzone's comeback as I always had a soft spot for them. So when they returned in late 2008 with Love You Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised. Not a comeback of Take That proportions but the song was modern, catchy (not a ballad thank god as was expected) and more to the point, relevant. It tapped perfectly into the Motown-pastiche pop that was all over the place in 2008. I absolutely loved it and also loved the other new tracks Better and Can't Stop Thinking About You, so was naturally very upset to hear about the recent death of Stephen Gately. Still, I'm hoping that the boyz' farewell album will be a fitting tribute next year.

Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby - 2000

Technically from 1999, it first charted in the UK at #30 in that year, although hardly anyone, including me, took any notice of it. It was re-released 6 months later to much greater success for the Australian dance duo as they re-entered the charts at #1. Still a huge party anthem, it's still played a lot now and deservedly so. A brilliant club anthem, and so so nearly made it into my top 100 of the decade, but seeing as it is essentially a 90's song, perhaps its best that it just missed out!

and here are some interesting statistics of the top 100 singles (which will begin very soon)


2000: 14
2001: 10
2002: 7
2003: 6
2004: 11
2005: 11
2006: 12
2007: 10
2008: 8
2009: 11

Country of Origin

UK: 37
Australia: 18
US: 14
Germany: 6
Sweden: 6
Canada: 6
Netherlands: 4
Colombia: 3
Belgium: 3
Ireland: 2
Norway: 2
Estonia: 2
Finland: 1
Denmark: 1
Haiti: 1
Malta: 1
Barbados: 1
Spain: 1

Very interesting there, suggesting that 2000 and 2006 were in general my favourite years of the decade for music, and looking back, I think I'd agree with both of those. 2002, 2003 and 2008 were the worst. I don't recall 2002 or 2008 being that bad, but 2003 was certainly below par, interesting to see how this has worked out. As for the country statistics, the UK overwhemingly ahead, unsurprisingly!!! Australia take second place rather surprisingly though, ahead of the US!!! Germany and Sweden have a fair bit of the chart, the Netherlands somehow managed four entries and Estonia managed two!!! The chart will begin in the coming weeks...

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