Saturday, 7 November 2009

Another British indie classic gets the EPIC treatment

Following on from her huge 2008 UK #1 single, Run, a cover of the 2004 Snow Patrol hit, Leona Lewis' new album was always going to feature a similar sort of song to unleash just in case the lead single falters. Happy is out tomorrow and will be a massive selling chart topper anyway but in the unlikely situation that it comes in at #5 like last year's stop gap single Forgive Me did, they can always wheel out her new cover of the Oasis classic Stop Crying Your Heart Out as a pre-xmas rush release next month. Obviously it's a complete cash in on the success of Run and will not have been hindered by the fact that the song has featured constantly on this year's X Factor which will not be a coincidence, more a clever example of cross marketing from Simon Cowell. However, Leona's cover of Oasis' 2002 hit is absolutely magnificent. It starts off very subtle before getting the full classic Leona powerhouse vocal/gospel choir treatment at the end. One of these on every album please, but what can she cover on album number three? The Drugs Don't Work by The Verve? One Day Like This by Elbow? The Everlasting by Manic Street Preachers? or would these be a step too far? I would suggest Embrace's beautiful Nature's Law but the original already had a very lavish production anyway...

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