Sunday, 15 November 2009

How'ma spose to breathe with no ay-uh ay-uh..

These five were almost but not quite good enough for the top 50 albums of the decade;

Jordin Sparks - Jordin Sparks - 2008

American Idol winner Jordin Spakrs is arguably the third best one, after Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, although the second most successful on a global scale seeing as Carrie has criminally never ventured across the Atlantic. Her debut album was very decent I thought, I loved the singles, especially the masterpiece that was No Air, and album tracks such as Freeze and Next To You were also brilliant.

Agnes - Dance Love Pop - 2009

Swedish Idol 2005 winner Agnes Carlsson came into her own with this album. I'm not sure if it was released last year actually but I didn't get it until early this year, having become obsessed with Release Me sometime just before last xmas, a good six months before most people did anyway! This is a great album, mixing dance and pop songs with gorgeous ballads, and has gone through various different versions. The Love Love Love edition added her Melodifestivalen 2010 song and some videos and the forthcoming UK release includes that song and a clutch of other new songs!!! Whatever release though, they're all great :D

Amy MacDonald - This Is The Life - 2007

Onto a stunningly good, and surprisingly well received debut album, young Scottish singer Amy MacDonald launched with the fantastic Mr Rock & Roll, and other singles LA, Posion Prince, Run and of course the title track, This Is The Life, all became favourites of mine too and considering her strong Scottish accent, she was a surprisingly huge success around Europe too!!! My favourite song of hers though is the jaunty feel good anthem Barrowland Ballroom which was one of my anthems of summer 2007;

Carrie Underwood - Carnival Ride - 2007

The follow up to the stunning debut (the best country debut of all time in my opinion) American Idol's second best winner Carrie Underwood released her second album, Carnival Ride in 2007, and once again, I was blown away. Lacking the naive charm of her debut in places perhaps, in other areas it was stronger. The lead single, So Small, was a bit of a disaster seeing as it was amongst the few filler-y songs on the album. She probably should have led with the brilliant All American Girl but Last Name, The More Boys I Meet and the other singles she picked were all great.

Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad - 2007

2007 was pretty good for albums by the looks of this list!!! I didn't actually buy this until the third single, Hate That I Love You, although others didn't buy it of course until the 17th single from it, Rehab! I jest but Rihanna did produce by far her finest work to date with this stunning album. More or less every track could have been a single, and most of them were, with Umbrella, Shut Up & Drive, Don't Stop The Music and Take A Bow and Disturbia (from the re-release) all being modern day classics. Breakin' Dishes probably should have been slotted in somewhere too...

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