Sunday, 15 November 2009

Say it again, say yeah!

5 more albums from the noughties vault;

Kylie Minogue - X - 2007

Not her best album of the decade due to the fact that it seems very incoherent, jumping from one genre to another without warning. There are however some very decent songs on here. I liked but didn't love 2 Hearts, although it did grow on me, loved Wow, The One and Cosmic too. One gripe is that White Diamond didn't make it on here officially, even the ballad version, but instead was left as an iTunes bonus track. Still, it was a vast improvement on the atrocious Body Language album.

Girls Aloud - Chemistry - 2005

The third studio album from the girls, 2005's Chemistry was a continuation of the sound found on What Will The Neighbours Say and was in parts absolutely brilliant. Biology was a stunning choice of lead single, completely unexpected because of its quirkiness and See The Day was a decent if unnecessary choice of cover for second single, they probably could have got away with releasing Models as a single in its place. Unfortunately, like See The Day, GA's other biggest flops came during this 'rocky patch', (the beautiful) Whole Lotta History which is their lowest selling single and the long forgotten Long Hot Summer. Still, flop or not, I loved this album, especially the bonus Christmas disc!!!

Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape - 2006

Squeezing out right at the end of 2006, No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani's second solo album, The Sweet Escape, was largely thought to be based on outtakes from first album Love Angel Music Baby. I expect some of the songs may have been, but obviously those sessions were incredible if this is the case. I loved the quirky lead single Wind It Up and the follow up The Sweet Escape, which radio have played to death now, but also the ballads 4 In The Morning, Wonderful Life and Early Winter. Very strong second album.

Precious - Precious - 2000

Righhhhhhhht back to the very start of the decade now and one of 2000's finest and completely underrated releases. Short lived girl band Precious represented the UK in Eurovision 1999 with Say It Again but instead of being a one hit wonder, went on to make this. The follow up single, 2000's Rewind, was incredibly Britney/Max Martin like, and owed a lot to Baby One More Time. The more chilled out follow up It's Gonna Be My Way and the great New Beginning were also great, but so were nearly all of the album tracks, particularly Heaven With You and Much Too Late. This is worth searching out for fans of pop of that era, although it sounds quite dated now.

Paolo Nutini - These Streets - 2006

In the space of three years, young Scottish singer Paolo Nutini seemed to age by about 20 years. His 2006 debut album, These Streets, was a surprise for me, delivering sing-a-long choruses with a bit of an edge, suggesting that maturity was to come, although even I didn't expect what was to come on the Sunny Side Up album!!! This album had the classic singles Last Request, Rewind, Jenny Don't Be Hasty and New Shoes and plenty of other decent songs and I really liked it and still do!!!


  1. i like Body Language album more than X. And Cosmic is by far the worst track on X!

  2. Aside from the three singles and Loving Days, Body Language was truly dire :(