Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Music; Beautiful GaGa and her Wonderful Life

Jennifer Paige & Nick Carter - Beautiful Lie

1998 one hit wonder Jennifer Paige (her hit was Crush - 'it's just, a little crush' - you know it) has teamed up with nineties Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter to record a song that sounds like it should have come out in that era, but with some very up to date production. The song, which fuses Red One with Timbaland style beats and throws in a very strong chrous quite reminiscent of P!nk's Who Knew and of course an excellent string section, is set to be a hit in Germany. Of course, it's unlikely ever to get a UK release, and nobody would probably care anyway if the reception to Backstreet Boys' (excellent) recent single Straight Through My Heart - a #72 smash - is anything to go by. Still, it's well worth a listen.

HURTS - Wonderful Life

Apparently not new, it came out quite a few months back but I completely missed it...HURTS are a Mancunian duo who could be shaping up for big things in 2010. Wonderful Life is a moody electro masterpiece, borrowing a lot from the early 1980's, but somehow a lot more effective and gripping than a lot of the 80's rip-offs that 2009 has seen hit the mainstream. A huge hook in the chorus dominates an otherwise incredibly subtle yet very powerful song which also manages to make a saxophone sound good, unlike the dreadful sax solo in the new Spandau Ballet single. They have now been signed and this single will hopefully be out at some point in the new year. Definitely one to watch.

Lady GaGa feat Beyoncé - Telephone

So for the inevitable...every other blog is still talking about it; The Fame Monster. Lady GaGa's brilliant new mini-album/extended EP which is now packaged with The Fame adds eight frankly stunning new tracks, led by the incredible career high (in my opinion) that is Bad Romance, with that video. Second single, Telephone, features Beyoncé. The pair have also collaborated on her new single Video Phone as a nice tie-in. Telephone is the better of the two tracks, sounding like somebody ripped apart Mario Piu's Communication ('somebody answer the phone') threw away the entire song but retained part of the concept, added an effective Spanish guitar intro, the two biggest stars in the world, a brilliant and infectious melody, an aggressive verse from Ring The Alarm angry style Beyoncé, typical brilliance from GaGa and voila, a 2010 smash hit in waiting!!! I'm glad that these two will get the chance to dominate 2010 because I get the feeling that we haven't seen enough of them in 2009...they've only had about 49 hits between them...

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