Saturday, 14 November 2009

A singer/songwriter invasion...

5 more albums that just missed my top 50 of the decade;

Natalie Imbruglia - Counting Down The Days - 2005

Despite surprisingly being a UK #1 album, I always feel that this was a bit underrated...I'm not sure that it even outsold her second album which was a flop by her standards. The lead single, Shiver, was absolutely excellent but this album is her finest work to date in my eyes, packed full of great pop. The radio friendly Satisfied and the brilliant ballad When You're Sleeping are amongst my favourite songs;

Regina Spektor - Begin To Hope - 2007

One of my favourite 'uni' albums, i.e. one of those that helped my many endless and tiresome 'reading sessions' in the library, Regina Spektor's quirky piano indie pop was at its most commercial on this album and it was packed with fun and bouncy songs, as well as more thoughtful ballads. I can't pick a favourite from Better, On The Radio, Samson and Fidelity though...

Jewel - 0304 - 2003

One of my first favourite singers, I've been a fan of Canadian singer Jewel since 1999's Down So Long. Her 2003 album, 0304 was hardly a fan favourite being far more pop orientated than Jewel's usual acoustic/singer songwriter/country sound. It was deliberately well produced with plenty of polish and catchy choruses. But for me, it really worked. Doin' Fine, Stand and Intuition are my favourites on here.

Timbaland - Shock Value - 2007

An album that needs no introduction, Timbaland was ubiquitos in 2007 with the huge #1 singles Give It To Me and The Way I Are and the played to death Apologize, which introduced One Republic. A great and very diverse album which featured some excellent collaborations, I doubt that the follow up Shock Value II will live up to it, but I look forward to hearing it anyway...

Jem - Finally Woken - 2005

Bristol based trip-hop/pop/singer songwriter Jem launched to fame in 2005 with the bizarre yet excellent single They, and its parent album was also absolutely excellent. An excellent collection of summery pop, such as the single Just A Ride, my favourite song was in fact the beautiful ballad Flying High. Her 2008 follow up, Down To Earth, was unfortunately a mess, and best avoided.

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