Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The end is in sight...

As the end of the Noughties draws to a swift close, and we all look forward to another new decade, the Tenties, I have compiled a list which turned out to be my top 131 songs of the decade...I will leave the top 100 until the end of the year just in case I hear any life changing songs in the next 7 weeks, but in the meantime, I will start revealing those that just missed out...

Mariah Carey feat Westlife - Against All Odds - 2000

This will definitely be Westlife's only appearance, although Mariah has two songs in the top 100 (as it currently stands). This generic Cowell cover of Phil Collins' Against All Odds topped the UK charts for two weeks in 2000, but despite featuring one of the decade's least interesting bands, I absolutely loved it, and still do. It's a fondness I can't explain...

Maria Haukaas Storeng & Mira Craig - Mine All Mine - 2008

Now here's a song that definitely should have been released in the UK. Norwegian Eurovision 2008 5th place star Maria teamed up with friend and fellow star Mira Craig for one of the most fun pop duets of recent times. Tapping quite perfectly into the bizarre and short lived 2008 soul-pop boom, this was like Duffy having fun and was my most played song of last year according to iTunes!

Aly & AJ - Potential Break Up Song - 2007

The embarrassing songs are all popping up early it would seem. This infectious electropop offering from Disney starlets and sisters Aly & AJ was a bit of a flop in the UK, missing the top 20 but it is instantly 100 times better than all Miley Cyrus output bar the excellent See You Again.

Nelly Furtado - Maneater - 2006

One of the greatest re-inventions seen in music, Canadian-Portugese quirky folk pop singer Nelly Furtado returned in 2006 with the heavily urban influenced album Loose, helped hugely by Timbaland on his first really high profile album of the 2006-2008 era when everything he touched turned to magic. Having never been a particular fan of Nelly before, I was astonished to hear this and fell in love with the attitude of it straight away.

Watergate - Heart of Asia - 2000

Right back to the start of the decade for this one, oriental sounding dance track Heart of Asia, which samples Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence was one of the first big dance tunes of the decade, reaching the top three in the UK. I absolutely loved it, it was very different to most of the other dance music around at the time, and while listening back to it now it sounds incredibly dated, the melody is timeless.

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