Thursday, 12 November 2009

She's a crazy chick!

So...I made a shortlist of my absolute favourite albums of the decade to compile a top fifty next month, but first I will reveal the 34 albums that were also on the shortlist (and are also brilliant) but failed to make the cut, a few at a time of course;

Charlotte Church - Tissues and Issues - 2005

A surprisingly decent pop album from the child opera star turned media favourite, Charlotte Church's 2005 album, Tissues and Issues spawned four brilliant hit singles; Crazy Chick, Call My Name, Even God and Moodswings. My favourite song however was the gorgeous string laden beauty, Show A Little Faith, which had more than a whiff of late 90's pop about it.

Pixie Lott - Turn It Up - 2009

A very recent album now...I first heard of Pixie when I stumbled across her MySpace well over a year ago now. It was quite basic looking and hadn't had many visitors at the time but I thought that the songs on there, namely Boys & Girls and The Fall, were brilliant. The former later became a UK #1 single and The Fall made it onto the album as Turn It Up. The album is great, pure pop at its best, very young and fresh and a real mix of styles, like a young Natasha Bedingfield. The Lady GaGa inspired Here We Go Again is one of my favourites;

Andrea Corr - Ten Feet High - 2007

Currently it's her sister Sharon going it alone but Corrs' lead singer Andrea's 2007 solo album was a hugely underrated and fantastic album, which owed quite a lot to early Corrs material. I was quite annoyed that was a complete and utter flop, in fact I expect few people are even aware of its existence. As pleasant as the dancy lead single Shame On You, it's the Corrs-esque Stupidest Girl In The World and Ten Feet High that were the standouts for me, sounding like they could have come from the classic Forgiven Not Forgotten album.

KT Tunstall - Drastic Fantastic - 2007

I first heard of Scottish singer KT Tunstall in late 2004, just before she became huge, and saw her in concert early in 2005 when the album Eye To The Telescope had done nothing in the charts. That all soon changed and finally people started to see what the fuss was about!!! 2007 follow up Drastic Fantastic wasn't anywhere near as strong and a few of the songs on it were rather old to me as they were actually some of her old demos from 2000 that she'd spruced up for this album. However, it did have some real gems; Little Favours, If Only, Hopeless and Paper Aeroplane were all as good as anything on the first album, as was the great lead single, Hold On;

The Saturdays - Chasing Lights - 2008

The debut album from Britain's new favourite girlband The Saturdays, Chasing Lights was an excellent first album featuring all of the excellent singles; If This Is Love, Up (albeit in a far inferior version here), Issues and Work. Later versions also featured their cover of Just Can't Get Enough. Most of the other album tracks were single worthy as well, particularly Lies, Chasing Lights and Set Me Off. Their new album Wordshaker is just as good as this too, but doesn't feature here for the inexcusable fact that they picked the worst song on the album, Forever Is Over, as the first single as well as the fact that it is just that bit too recent...

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