Monday, 9 November 2009

A milky treat...

Here are the final batch of songs that failed to make my top 100 singles of the decade;

Milk Inc - Land Of The Living - 2002

I think this came out in the UK in the first week of 2003, although it could have been the last week of 2002, I can't remember...I know that I first fell in love with it in 2002 anyway. Following their two excellent top ten singles, Walk On Water and In My Eyes, Belgian dance act Milk Inc's next single, Land Of The Living was slightly less successful but is the best of the three songs in my opinion. Nothing original, but incredibly catchy and one of my anthems of 2002!!!

Sarah McLachlan - Fallen - 2004

One of the most underrated singers of the last 15 years in the UK, Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan was massive in the US with classic hits such as Angel, Sweet Surrender and Building A Mystery. Her 2004 single Fallen, the lead from the fantastic album Afterglow, is absolutely gorgeous, as were the other nine tracks on the album. It wasn't one of her most successful singles commercially and like her, was criminally underrated.

Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet About Me - 2008

One of my favourite singers of 2008, it's a shame she seems to have been a one hit wonder but I still hold out hopes that she returns with a great second album. Australian teenager Gabriella Cilmi's Sweet About Me took absolutely ages to properly grow on me, which was echoed across the country as it took near enough four months to reach it's chart peak of #6 here!!! Whether it was on adverts, commercial radio or god knows what else, this song was impossible to escape last year, and it's refreshing listening back to it now, 18 months on, to realise that it lived up to every bit of its hype!

Mad'House - Like A Prayer - 2002

And now for another dodgy dance cover version, 2002 of course being absolutely littered with cheap covers of 80's songs. Somehow though, this Dutch group's take on Madonna's timeless classic Like A Prayer worked exceptionally well turning the dramatic pop song into a thumping club song which was an absolutely huge hit. The accompanying album of danced up Madonna songs was also a reluctant favourite of mine!!!

Nelly Furtado feat Timbaland - Promiscuous - 2006

Surprisingly enough, my favourite single from the fantastic Loose era, and the third to feature in this 'nearly made it' list after Maneater and Say It Right. Timbaland featuring Promiscuous was a brilliant club banger which went down extremely well in the US, even though the latter two songs are remembered better here. I'm not entirely sure why I find this to be my favourite Nelly Furtado single but it's definitely the one I go back to the most.

The Corrs - Baby Be Brave - 2004

2004's Borrowed Heaven is one of the greatest albums I own. Surprisingly still relevant six years after the huge success of Talk On Corners, songs such as Summer Sunshine, Angel, Goodbye, Long Night and Humdrum proved that The Corrs still had it in them to make a stunning song or two. Baby Be Brave was one of my highlights of the album, and one of the highest non-singles in my favourite of the decade rundown. It wouldn't have worked as a single at all, it's too dark, but as an album track, it's perfection.

Birgitta - Open Your Heart - 2003

And the best song that couldn't quite squeeze into the top 100, Iceland's 2003 Eurovision entry Open Your Heart by Birgitta opened that contest and it was all downhill from there. One of Iceland's finest entries to the contest, it could only manage a low top ten placing as everyone was obsessed with rubbish songs and of course the controversy surrounding tATu, who couldn't even win in the end!!! This schlager-pop classic is something that Sweden would have been proud of, and I only wish I could have found a way to squeeze it into my top 100, but ultimately I love the 100 songs above it even more!

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