Sunday, 29 November 2009

Don't STOP Believin'

A song that everybody knows but has never been a big hit here before? Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah? Nope, Simon already used that one last year for Alexandra...ah of course, the rock anthem Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. Perfect choice for the X Factor winner's single this year. Clearly Joe McElderry is 'the chosen one' seeing as he sang the song triumphantly on the show a few week ago. I'm not unhappy about this either as I like the song, I thought that Joe sang it well, and he is by far and away the best vocalist in this year's competition so by default deserves to win it, even if he isn't exactly likely to be a huge recording artist after the competition finishes, seeming to fit into the Gareth Gates mould, yet somehow you can't imagine him having the same huge teenage girl fanbase of fellow contestant, Lloyd.

Bear a thought for the US phenomenon, TV show Glee, which launches here on E4 in a couple of weeks. Could it really propel their simulatenously released cover version of the song, featured in the pilot episode, up the charts? Let's face it, their excellent rendition of the song is likely to be five times better than the Simon Cowell bland winner's single by numbers production that Joe's is likely to have, if Joe even wins of course!!! Stacey could still steal it, appealing to the Kerry Katona/Jordan audience of the UK, and rumours are that she will record a cover of the terrible The Climb by Miley Cyrus should she win!!! But if Joe lives up the bookies predictions, we could well see the xmas top 3 this year look like this;

1. Joe McElderry - Don't Stop Believin'
2. Journey - Don't Stop Believin'
3. Glee Cast - Don't Stop Believin'

so get used to the song, because it looks as if it will be forced upon you in every way imaginable in the next month.

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