Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I'll tell you lover oh lover it feels so strong

2005 Idols finalist turned Swedish star Måns Zelmerlöw has been confirmed as one of three hosts of Melodifestivalen 2010!!! Although comedienne Petra Mede will be an incredibly hard act to follow in my opinion, I'm sure Måns will more than make up for it. I had the opportunity to meet him earlier in the year in the hotel I was staying at in Sweden and he was very nice and personable, staying to chat and pose with fans (mostly teenage girls) for quite a long period of time. Måns is of course something of a Melodifestivalen legend giving us the 2007 classic Cara Mia and the equally brilliant Hope & Glory which provided my moment of the year earlier in the year.

As much as I love the song, and like Måns, I really didn't want to see it in the Eurovision Song Contest as it was practically a male version of 2008's Hero. So when he led the jury voting convincingly, it looked like game over for everyone else, until he stumbled in towards the back of the public voting instantly scuppering his chances and ensuring a highly memorable 'I'm pissed off but I'll try and look grateful' facial expression and subsequent tussle for victory between opera diva Malena Ernman and legendary oddball Caroline Af Ugglas. The uproar in the audience when we all realised what had happened was absolutely brilliant, as shocked silence gave way to excited chatter. Easily my favourite six minutes of 2009;

Either way, he's a great artist, his recent album MZW was very diverse and is amongst my favourites of the year, and I expect he'll be a very charming and professional presenter, and he'll need to be with an actor and a comedian by his side!!!

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