Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Top 100 songs of the noughties; it starts!

So, after all of the build up, I will now start couting down my top 100 songs of the decade, and all of these I absolutely love. My top 50 favourite albums of the decade will be revealed slightly later on in the month;

100. Vanilla Ninja - Cool Vibes - 2005

Estonian girl group Vanilla Ninja represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, giving the country by far their best result of the decade, coming 8th despite sending a number of other excellent entries from the likes of Lovebugs, DJ Bobo and Paolo Menguzzi, all of which failed to reach the final. Vanilla Ninja are like the Estonian Sugababes, with loads of lineup changes over the years, but this is undoubtedly their standout moment, even though the similar Blue Tattoo and Tough Enough and the haunting When The Indians Cry are well worth checking out. Absolutely nothing like a 'typical Eurovision song', this was an incredible atmospheric piece of pop music, the absolute standout of Eurovision 2005.

99. Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver - 2005

Australian singer and ex-Neighbours actress Natalie Imbruglia of course had her biggest hit in 1997 with Torn. However, she has carried on going strong throughout the noughties, and hit her commercial peak of the decade in 2005 with the surprise (excellent) UK #1 album Counting Down The Days led by the most played song on the radio of that year, Shiver. Like the more sophisticated, more mellow older sister of Torn, it had a powerful chorus, a strong melody and was extremely relevant to the guitar led indie scene of the mid-noughties, whilst staying true to her 'sound'. Should have peaked far higher than #8 in the charts...

98. Puretone - Stuck In A Groove - 2003

2003 was a busy year for me personally, finishing high school, starting college, getting my first job etc...The music scene in my opinion was either on a real downer, or I just wasn't paying much attention, because only 6 songs from that year have made this countdown and without giving too much away, if it wasn't for Australia, only one song from that year would feature here!!! Dance duo Puretone's second single Stuck In A Groove was a bit belated really, coming out well over a year after the huge Addicted To Bass, and limping in to the UK top 30 with barely anybody noticing...which was a huge injustice as this was without a doubt the best dance track of a terrible year for the genre commercially. Completely different to its predecessor relying more on the melody than the bassline, and another excellent car chase video!!!

97. Texas feat Kardinal Offishall - Carnival Girl - 2003

Something a bit different from Texas, which I think is why I loved it so much. The lead single from their 2003 album, Careful What You Wish For, the Scottish rockers turned radio friendly pop act's song was almost a continuation of their successful 1998 hybrid of Say What You Want with rapper Method Man. This song featured Canadian rapper Kardinal Offishall, and retained their typical MOR sound, yet with a fresh edge given by Kardinal. It was a breath of fresh air, but was a bit of a commercial flop for them, reaching only #9 in the charts and disappearing quickly.

96. Kim Lukas - Let It Be The Night - 2000

Going right back to 2000 now, with one of an impressive 14 songs representing the first year of the decade!!! English singer Kim Lukas was of the Ann Lee breed; much more successful overseas than in her home country. In fact, despite this song getting a UK release, it made no impact whatsoever. I'm not certain that it did an awful lot in Europe either, but its predecessor, All I Really Want was definitely a huge hit in a number of countries. Europop at its best, not overly cheesy, but definitely catchy, although Kim looked more like a bank manager than a popstar!!!

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