Tuesday, 1 December 2009


95. Dannii Minogue vs. Flower Power - You Won't Forget About Me - 2004

Remember when X Factor judge Dannii Minogue was attempting to get songs into the charts? In all fairness to Kylie's younger sister, Dannii did have a good run this decade, spinning four top ten hits from the 2003 Neon Nights album. However, my personal highlight from Dannii in the noughties, just in front of 2001's Who Do You Love Now, is this underrated 2004 song You Won't Forget About Me. A Spiller-esque collaboration, Dannii put lyrics over the Flower Power instrumental track and voila, Dannii's biggest ever hit was on the cards! Except it didn't quite happen, and this song only reached #7 in the UK. Excellent dance track though and still sounds fresh five years on.

94. Vanessa Amorosi - This Is Who I Am - 2009

Seven songs in, and the fourth Australian act to appear!!! Keeping completely up to date now, Vanessa Amorosi was a huge teen star (read UK one hit wonder with Absolutely Everybody) but after a lengthy hiatus, returned to the Australian charts in 2007 with Kiss Ya Mama and last year's Perfect. However, it's the Pink/Kelly Clarkson-esque This Is Who I Am that returned her to glory, and gave her a maiden Australian #1 single!!! Nothing innovative or groundbreaking, however, the clashing guitar that sounds like laughing, catchy melody, and sensational vocals have made this an instant classic for me, and an incredible comeback single. Would love to see it released in the UK in 2010!!!

93. Kelly Llorenna - This Time I Know It's For Real - 2004

Northern dance diva Kelly Llorenna is the queen of All Around The World records, or at least was until Cascada and N-Dubz came along...Churning out countless covers of 80's pop classics, the difference between Kelly and all of the other identikit Clubland vocalists is that Kelly has a personality, a strong and distinctive voice, and somehow her covers never seemed as cheap as all of the others, well not her first half of the decade output at least...her more recent output has been less good and quite cheap sounding. Her 2004 cover of the Donna Summer classic came complete with the campest video of the year, but the song was good fun and I love it!

92. KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See - 2005

The year of the singer-songwriter, but KT Tunstall was different from the rest, more edgy, like a modern day Sharleen Spiteri, perfect for daytime radio, a friendly personality, but with a bit of a kick to her. The third single from Eye To The Telescope was by far her biggest hit, becoming a radio classic, a huge hit in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and even the US. An indie-pop anthem which was always my highlight of the album when I first got it so was extremely pleased when she decided to release it as a single!!!

91. Scooch - Flying The Flag (For You) - 2007

United Kingdom...12 Points...from Malta, but not from anybody else...it's the song that Europe hated, nineties Europop bought back in style for 2007, one huge gimmick? Maybe, but at least it gave English four piece pop group Scooch a second top five single, seven years after More Than I Needed To Know also went to #5 in the UK. Complete trashy pop and they threw everything at it. The dance routine, the props, the flags, they gave it everything, and still it came near enough bottom for the UK in Eurovision 2007. Still, it gave Scooch a second 15 minutes of fame, and the bargain bin Steps proved that even tacky cheap Europop could still reach the UK top five as the noughties reached its end!!! Spare a thought for poor Cyndi though who rightly thought that she'd won the chance to go to Eurovision after Terry Wogan announced her name accidentally whilst Fearne Cotton simultaneously annouced the correct winner's name!!!


  1. I just checked out Australian Vanessa Amorosi on youtube and she has such an amazing voice.

    www.vanesssaamorosi.com has a music player so you can check out the songs off her new album. Why isn't she big in UK?? Check out her LIVE performance of her #1 single 'This Is Who I Am'....


  2. Vanessa Amorosi.........AMAZING