Friday, 4 December 2009

It's the climb :(

So...after rumours that Don't Stop Believin' would be the X Factor winner's single this year, it has now been confirmed that Miley Cyrus' ballad from earlier this year, The Climb, will now be the sixth X Factor coronation #1 single following Steve Brookstein's Against All Odds, Shayne Ward's That's My Goal, Leona Lewis' A Moment Like This, Leon Jackson's When You Believe and Alexandra Burke's Hallelujah. So at least it's a relevant and modern song, and not something hauled out of the 80's/90's like most of the others. Still, is the song really that good that it justifies a cover version a mere six months after its original release? not at all, in fact along with Hoedown Throwdown and Party In The USA, it's one of my least favourite Miley singles. But it is of course lyrically apt - 'I'm the winner, blah blah, I've had a hard road to get here, I can move mountains, it's been an uphill struggle etc, yawn...'. And of course I don't think anyone can imagine Danyl Johnson belting out a cover of 'my best friend Lesley said oh she just being Miley'!!! Not that Danyl will probably win of course, but look at it this way. The final #1 single of the noughties will be a cover of a Miley Cyrus ballad by either Joe McElderry, Stacey Solomon, Olly Murs or Danyl!!! The song was so well loved that it went all the way to #11 in the UK charts just a few months back...but slap a load of hype onto it and a singer that's been on our screens for the past 4 months and suddenly it's worthy of being a Christmas #1 single? No...

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