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90. Carola - Invincible - 2006

Sweden's aging diva Carola returned to Eurovision in 2006, over a decade after she was victorious with Fångad Av En Stormvind. She came 5th this time, like most other Swedish entries have done in the noughties, despite being one of the favourites to win. The monsters from neighbouring Finland, Lordi, showed her up in the results, but melodically, this was the far better song. An instant fast paced schalger classic, complete with memorable key change, powerful chorus, a ridiculously long dress, and the most over the top use of a wind machine ever seen - it looked as if she was about to be blown off the stage quite frankly.

89. Zero 7 - Destiny - 2001

Easily the classiest song so far, dance act Zero 7 launched in 2001 with the excellent Simple Things album and the frankly incredible single, Destiny. The song, which featured vocals from Sophie Barker and Australian star Sia Furler became an instant chillout classic and takes me right back to summer 2001 when I listen to it. A gloriously beautiful song, which hasn't aged at all eight years on. They would later excel with In The Waiting Line and Somersault, but for me Destiny remains their highlight. Stunning.

88. Little Boots - Remedy - 2009

Another very recent song now, Victoria Hesketh, aka Little Boots hasn't quite been as big as the hype suggested this year. Despite topping all manner of 'future star of 2009' polls, she rather lost out to La Roux and Florence + The Machine in the popularity stakes. When she finally launched, when the hype had disappeared, with New In Town, the video was laughable and the campaign was near enough written off with the single failing to go top ten and the album going in at #5 before diving to #40 the following week. However, Remedy just about restored some credibility, turning Little Boots into a full blown pop star with this incredible RedOne production, which was nothing like his stuff with the likes of Lady GaGa, yet retained the storming pop chorus that he's best known for. Unfortunately she looks as if she'll be a one (major) hit wonder, but what a hit it was!!!

87. Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love - 2007

The greatest song of the noughties? not quite, try 87th! X Factor winner Leona Lewis was always my favourite in the 2006 competition, to the point that she's the only act I've ever felt the urge to pick up the phone and vote for on a weekly basis and with Ray as her competition in the final, she was always the obvious winner. Her Kelly Clarkson cover, A Moment Like This did it's job as a debut single, but after a ten month gap it looked like she'd been forgotten about. Until this single surfaced that is...a glorious almost Prince like power ballad which introduced the Ryan Tedder sound that we know and loathe, sorry love, these days. The thumping drums and bass, the repetition of words 'bleeding love, bleeding, bleeding', 'Battlefield, battlefield, battlefield', 'Halo, halo, halo' etc...but this is easily his standout moment as a producer. Leona's sensational vocals layered over this magnificent song definitely made it the classic that its become. Just listen to Lloyd Daniels borefest of a cover on it on X Factor, it made the song sound incredibly pedestrian. Deservedly a #1 hit worldwide, including in the US, this song put Leona Lewis on the map, and she is easily the finest singer ever to come from a British reality show. Without a doubt this is one of THE defining songs of the noughties, and I do think it's stunning, but for me it was overshadowed by two other songs out at the same time, both of which appear later.

86. Colbie Caillat - Realize - 2007

Californian singer/songwriter Colbie Caillat's debut album Coco was quite easily my favourite album of 2007. An absolutely beautiful collection of acoustic pop yet with incredibly memorable and infectious melodies, never straying into filler territory. The single Bubbly, a huge hit everywhere in the world apart from the UK, was great, but for me, second single Realize was the album's standout. Very simple yet with relatable lyrics, very effective male backing vocals - this was easily my most played song of the year, so relaxing to listen to.

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