Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Music; Release Me part 2? Go on then

JLS - One Shot

I wouldn't say I was a big fan of JLS in X Factor, particularly not when Louis turned them into a Westlife clone in the later stages of the 2008 contest. Luckily, he didn't prove quite as useless as a manager in the real world and they launched with a very respectable, and incredibly successful debut album, spawning the UK #1 singles Beat Again and Everybody In Love. The third single to be taken from their eponymous debut album is One Shot. Not a drastic departure from Everybody In Love it might seem in the verses - but then the chorus thunders in with some Calvin Harris style trance beats. It's easily my favourite song of theirs to date and could very well win them over some new fans, as if they need any more!!! They clearly left the R&B boyband void left by Another Level and subsequently Blue, and they look as if they could be around for quite a few years - I don't recall such hysteria around a boyband for a very long time, perhaps since Westlife themselves in fact.

Kaskade & Deadmau5 - Move For Me

I Remember by Deadmau5 and Kaskade was a huge success last year - fairly big in the charts but much bigger in the hearts and lives of fans of dance music. Deadmau5 returns the favour on this song as Kaskade take the lead credit here. Move For Me is a gorgeous minimal dance song, not too dissimilar to I Remember and also reminiscent of some of the great dance classics of the noughties, namely As The Rush Comes by Motorcycle. Unfortunately, in the current chart climate, dance songs need to be in your face, memorable and catchy anthems such as Sexy Bitch, Release Me and Riverside. Move For Me is that bit too mellow to do anything spectacular in the charts, but it certainly shouldn't be ignored because it's an absolutely gorgeous, very subtle song that slowly worms its way into your affections, much like I Remember did. Well worth a listen.

Agnes - Secret Love

Every release from the lady that brought Release Me and Love Love Love into my life is hugely anticipated and whilst You Rain and the new remix of Big Blue Wall hardly blew me away, I'm happy to say that Secret Love, the other new track from the UK release of her Dance Love Pop album, is absolutely stunning. The chords used in the verses are, I think, exactly the same ones used in Release Me! But the magical strings of that song have been replaced with a Cascada donk machine. Don't let that put you off though because it works brilliantly. The atmospheric bridge is absolutely excellent, potentially the best bridge that I've heard in a very long time. So good in fact, that it is in danger of putting the chorus to shame. The chorus though is so catchy and fun that the song never steps thankfully crosses the bridge of 'oh, is this it' experienced when I first listened to S Club's Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You - fantastic bridge but a complete letdown of a chorus. Easily her best song since Love Love Love and certainly more marketable to the UK, but all signs point to her releasing an underwhelming remix of On & On here as her third single. Not that I expect Secret Love would do that well anyway, after the #40 SMASH of I Need You Now, I'm not convinced that radio will be brave enough to support the super Swede for a third time.

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