Friday, 11 December 2009

New Music; Would you escape with me?

Kris and Canary - All About You

Well I've been sent this via e-mail to ask to talk about it, so why not. If anyone else fancies sending me music for review and promotional purposes then feel free and I shall try to include them, but don't always expect me to be nice about them!!! This song is actually not bad at all; American's Kris and Canary have produced something quite fresh production wise - Jason DeRulo wouldn't turn his nose up at it, put it that way. It's a bit generic and incredibly repetitive, particularly the 'it's all about you' parts but it sticks in your head after the first listen and could easily be a big hit with promotion. This electro-urban type music is incredibly popular at the moment; Flo Rida, Jason DeRulo, Soulja Boy etc...Kris and Canary doesn't quite sound like the name of a Billboard chart topping act but they've got some potential.

Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

Make no mistake - this is the greatest pop song Alicia Keys has ever recorded. If this doesn't become a worldwide #1 single in 2010, there is something seriously wrong. I really like Alicia Keys as a person and I particularly enjoyed her X Factor medley of Empire State Of Mind, Doesn't Mean Anything and No One, but I've never truly loved a single song by her before, not even classics such as Fallin' and If I Ain't Got You. However, the thundering production on this song sounds like something inbetween a Rihanna's Umbrella and a typical Ryan Tedder production. Add Alicia's unmistakeable vocals, and a frankly stunning melody and voila. 10 years on from the start of her career and it seems that she still hasn't peaked yet - brilliant.

Andreas Johnson - Escape

Andreas Johnson is one of the noughties earliest one hit wonders in the UK, with the pulsating indie-pop anthem Glorious which reached #4 here and still often appears at climatic moments in TV shows such was it's brilliantly over the top production. Since 2000, he has not in fact disappeared but has been one of Sweden's most popular artists, appearing in Melodifestivalen in 2006, coming third with the fantastic Sing For Me, 2nd in 2007 with the even better A Little Bit Of Love, and then failing to reach the final with the great One Love, a collaboration with Eurovision veteran Carola. Escape is the latest chapter in his indie-pop brand with some electro influences now making it that bit more modern - another typically brilliant song with a chorus that won't go away, but still not quite up to the standard of his Melodifestivalen classics. Still, Andreas has been confirmed to return to the competition in 2010 with the apparently 'epic rock ballad' We Can Work It Out, so if it's anything like Glorious it could be something spectacular indeed!!!

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