Friday, 22 January 2010

I'd like to make myself believe...

...that Fireflies by Owl City can somehow squeeze a week in at No.1 in the UK before the onslaught of the Jedward/Vanilla Ice cover of Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby and the Simon Cowell organised Haiti aid single, a cover of REM's Everybody Hurts. US act Adam Young aka Owl City scored a surprise US #1 last year with this glorious emolectro song, think HelloGoodbye meets The Postal Service (the latter who he has controversially shrugged off comparisons to) and you are spot on. But the melody is gorgeous and the video charming, it is already smashing across the world and it would be a shame to see it fail to make the top spot here, even though it was released about 6 weeks ahead of schedule due to hype forcing it out as fake versions started racking up sales on iTunes. Is Replay by Iyaz really worthy of another week as our top selling song to deny the brilliance of this? It sounds completely different to any song that's ever topped the UK charts and that is reason enough for this song to triumph, whereas Replay, whilst incredibly infectious, sounds like a lot of other commercial urban songs from any point in the last decade.

One minor, becoming major gripe with the UK release though is that we have had to settle for a disasterous radio edit which has tacked the second verse onto the first and generally made the song sound incredibly messy - hopefully when the album is released, that version will be cherry picked up to the top of the iTunes chart and the radio edit will disappear. I've loved this song for around 6 months now, it was my summer anthem of 2009 long before it started unexpectedly galloping up the Billboard charts, so I'm hoping my patience in watching this song grow will be rewarded in a UK #1 single either this week or next!!! If you are somehow yet to hear the song, here it is in it's full uneditied glory;

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