Wednesday, 6 January 2010

2010 - Bye bye electro ladies, hello quirky ladies

So 2009 was the home of electro pop everywhere you turned commercially, the British scene led by La Roux and less so Little Boots who didn't quite do as well as the hype suggested that she should. But outstripping both Little Boots' and La Roux's success was the wailing banshee style classic artist Florence + The Machine - who can be seen in a chart near you with the perennial #2 album Lungs and her still growing The Source cover, You've Got The Love. Inspired by the success of Florence, and with the electro bubble not bursting as such, but slowing down, traditional singer songwriter type females are on their way back. Ellie Goulding, Marina + The Diamonds and Daisy Dares You have the hype surrounding them and are most likely to have smash hits, well Marina at least. if Ellie has a potential #1 single then I haven't heard it yet, and it's hard to call how well Daisy will do - will she have Pixie like success or only small hits a la VV Brown. And with the impending new album from the brilliant Amy MacDonald, the British singer songwriter ladies should be everywhere this year. But here are three more incredibly talented young Brits that seem to have fallen by the wayside as the record companies choose who should and shouldn't be big in 2010;

Tiffany Page

23 year old Londoner Tiffany Page has a rockier and ediger vocal style than most. Signed to Mercury Records, her debut single Walk Away is due out in March. You can listen to and download Roam, a track that Tiffany is kindly offering for free
here. A pretty good song and showing signs of promise but what really impressed me was her chesty version of Muse's Supermassive Black Hole which I have posted below. Like a cross between Chrissie Hynde with the deep vocals and KT Tunstall in her general look and styling, Tiffany could be one to watch. You can visit her website here to find out more.

Leddra Chapman

Essex based London College of Music student (Anna) Leddra Chapman has already digitally released her debut album Telling Tales. I have downloaded and listened to it and it's frankly excellent. Brilliantly produced with great melodies and lyrics and a unique medieval folky feel in places - singer/songwriter is a very mixed genre for me - some of my favourite singers come from it; Missy Higgins, Colbie Caillat, Sarah McLachlan, Amy MacDonald - but for every great singer/songwriter there are ten completely bland ones which has led to a lot of lost money and disappointment over the years after I have bought into unjustified hype. Anna's vocals are interesting, sounding sometimes like Dido - but not as soft, or like Alanis - but not as harsh, with a hint of The Corrs musically. She seems to be somewhere in the middle of Amy Studt and Lucie Silvas in terms of British singer songwriters but she is well worth checking out, particularly her debut single, Story, which received a download release a couple of months ago. Her official website is

Eliza Doolittle

Another London based singer, the buzz around Eliza Doolittle has been growing for a few months with soft release Rollerblades paving the way for her first 'real' single, Skinny Genes. Sounding like a more playful early Lily Allen, Skinny Genes could have been plucked off a non-explicit version of Lily's Alright Still album. The song is therefore a little bit 2006 but it's so charming and catchy that it doesn't seem to matter anyway. Any song with whistling in it usually wins me over anyway, notable examples being E.M.D.'s Baby Goodbye and Bob Sinclar's Love Generation, they are always so happy and cheery!!! Described as looking like a cross between Amanda Bynes and Miley Cyrus, she reminds me slightly of our own Dani Harmer (Tracy Beaker)!!! Based on Rollerblads and Skinny Genes, Eliza has a nice charm and lovely warm vocals - but lacks the hype machine behind Marina and Ellie which makes me think that she may be more Remi Nicole than Lily Allen :( For more information, her official website is


  1. I'm so glad that an artist I sent in the BJSC is being mentioned on your blog <3, Leddra's album is really quite something (L)

  2. well one thing can be said about FSR Rontvia and Nickodonia's strange relationship - whenever I love one of your entries (Polly, Bird, Velvet, Leddra), I truly love it to the point that I must hear all the material by this artist! And whenever you love my entries, you love them more than me even :p

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