Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Hopelessly devoted to Sanna

Swedish singer Sanna Nielsen seems only to be able to score a hit whenever she competes in Melodifestivalen. It was therefore a shock to see that she has just launched a new single, which is presumably preceding an album, without any Melodifestivalen involvement this year - let's hope she's not aiming for a chart hit then! A veteran of the Swedish competition, Sanna has entered a few times, with her biggest hits from it being Vågar Du, Våger Jag in 2007, which peaked at No.10 in Sweden despite not doing that well in the final, and of course the gorgeous ballad Empty Room, which topped the MF 2008 public vote quite convincingly but didn't make it to Eurovision thanks to the jury vote's near universal love for Charlotte Perrelli's schalger anthem Hero which just pipped Sanna to the post in the end.

I did feel incredibly sorry for Sanna, it was probably the best chance she'd ever had and would ever have to make it to Eurovision and it probably would have performed a lot better in the 2008 final than Charlotte Perrelli's Hero did in the end. Since that happened she has done rather well in the Swedish album charts scoring a chart topper of her own with the excellent Stronger, which included the fantastic 'made for Eurovision' song Nobody Without You, and she had another No.1 album later in the year, a joint Christmas collection with fellow MF legends Shirley Clamp and Sonja Aldén!!! Devotion is the first solo single she's released in a while and whilst typically fluffy pop, it has a strong chorus that lingers in your head for a while and she comes off very Olivia Newton-John in the song and her image at the moment. Sanna has always come across as one of the most down to earth and nicest people in the Swedish pop industry, and even after her longevity in the busniess, she's still only in her mid twenties! Long live Sanna!

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