Saturday, 31 October 2009

iPod shuffle game #1

An interesting idea, or perhaps a disaster!?! In this feature I shall put my iPod on shuffle and discuss the first two songs that come up. Will this shame me, or make me seem respectable? Here goes;

Sebastian - When The Night Comes Falling

Not too bad! Former Swedish Idols contestant Sebastien's Melodifestivalen 2007 entry reached the final where it finished 8th with no public support whatsoever and a fairly weak jury vote. Shame, as it's actually a fairly excellent pop song, albeit one which I could imagine Andreas Johnson doing slightly better...of course he was in the very same final himself singing the vastly superior A Little Bit Of Love. Love the Paloma Faith lookalike on the piano in the live MF performance though! Onto shuffle number two...

A Fine Frenzy - Blow Away

This is a good choice! American singer songwriter Alison Sudol, is rather underrated I think. Then again, perhaps deservedly so. Her singles are absolutely excellent (see Almost Lover, Come On, Come Out, You Picked Me) and Blow Away is by far her most commercial single but both of her albums have been letdowns. Released a few months ago as the lead single to her (hugely underwhelming) second album Bomb In A Birdcage, this is probably the poppiest thing she's done, and would undoubtedly be a huge commmercial radio hit here, perhaps her Love Song or Bubbly. Hopefully one day she'll get the push that she needs becuase if she made an album full of singles rather than an album full of filler, she could be very good indeed!

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