Sunday, 27 October 2013

Rising stars: Tove Lo, Emma Stevens and Alexa

Tove Lo

Swedish singer Tove Lo has already attracted a lot of blog attention over the past year or so with her atmospheric, Robyn-esque pop that improves with each release. Love Ballad and Evil Spawn were pretty good, Habits was pretty great and then her recent dance collaboration with Lucas Nord, Run On Love, was absolutely excellent. She's gone one better again however with new single Out Of Mind. A simply massive pop song, it has understated but effective verses that suddenly build into a huge anthemic chorus before closing with some stunning ad-libs. Add to this the high production values and brilliant video and all signs point towards this song being the one with the potential to launch Tove Lo internationally. One of the best pop songs of 2013.

Emma Stevens

British pop singer-songwriter Emma Stevens has already received major support from BBC Radio 2 with singles such as Once and Riptide getting playlisted, the former also played regularly in Debenhams, useless fact fans! Having bought her album last week and all of her EP's previously, I've really been enjoying her sunny brand of folk-pop and it's a shame that the album didn't manage to chart. A mixture of charming guitar led strummers and piano ballads, the highlight for me is the now unseasonal single Hey Summer, a great catchy late 90s/early 00s-esque bubblegum pop type track. The singalong chorus is breezy and fun but the verses are just as good, particularly the backing vocal harmonies which really add to the track. Check out her album Enchanted, it certainly deserves some success.


London based singer-songwriter Alexa's profile has been steadily growing in recent years with her album Gravity on iTunes and a number of live appearances around the capital. Her strong electro-pop tracks point towards a successful future with plenty of promising songs already under her belt. Album track Famous looks at the subject of fame and fortune in a very melodic way with a punchy and memorable pop-rock chorus whilst Alexa's more recently uploaded non album track Electric Lover is more 80s influenced in sound and boasts very strong production and a hypnotic chorus melody. Alexa's confident vocals are perfectly suited to the genre and she clearly has potential to break out in the future and achieve everything that Famous suggests! Listen to more of Alexa's music through Soundcloud.

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