Sunday, 7 July 2013

Spotlight: Brazilian pop-rock singer Cléo!

Best known globally for having the most legendary football team in the world, amongst other things, Brazil is not particularly known for its pop music. In recent years novelty hits Ai Se Eu Ti Pego! and Balada (Tchê Tcherere Tchê Tchê) by Brazilian artists Michel Teló and Gusttavo Lima have become huge global smash hits but London based Brazilian female singer Cléo's music is a world away from those. With her red hair, infectious bubbly personality and great pop voice she makes an instant impression. 

Cléo has just released her first EP, The Unlucky Girl EP which you can buy here. It includes five fantastic pop songs - Unlucky Girl, GRU, Drive, Just Me and In Your Arms. The former is the lead single and is an excellent contemporary pop anthem with a catchy chorus and infectious marching percussion. A promising sign of things to come for this exciting talent, GRU and Drive are slightly rockier songs where Cléo shows off her impressive vocal range, belting out some fantastic notes! Just Me and In Your Arms meanwhile are snappier pop-rock songs. An excellent debut EP, fans of Kelly Clarkson, The Veronicas, Vanessa Amorosi and other confident rock influenced female pop singers will absolutely love Cléo and with some London gigs already under her belt, her career looks to go from strength to strength over the coming months. Watch Unlucky Girl below!

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