Sunday, 20 January 2013

Apt for the weather: Frida Sundemo - Snow!

Swedish songstress Frida Sundemo has been on my radar for a while now with each song of hers that I hear getting better and better. The punchy pop of Indigo was a treat for the end of 2012 but she's back with what is easily my favourite song of 2013 thus far, and enitrely suitable for the current weather. It's Snow!

A glistening wintery electropop song, it's all very Robyn in atmosphere, Frida's sweet vocal style also reminiscent of the Scandinavian superstar. Snow starts well with excellent verses but it's the chorus where it first starts to excel, the melody progression right at the end of the chorus is excellent, as are the stuttering vocal production techniques that she employs post-chorus which are perfectly in sync with the backing track. The glorious music and Frida's emotive vocals make the middle eight something equally special before it all thunders back to that chorus, some excellently intertwined male ad-libs and then a stunning finish where that amazing melody finally lays to rest. Everything about this song is perfect.


  1. What a beautiful song for a wintery day. I haven't heard of Frida before but I really like the subtle driving pop back beat and rousing chorus. its a great tune and melody line throughout and I found myself singing along straight away! Good stuff Richard, i hope to hear more from Frida this year...

  2. Glad you like it James, it's really instantly catchy and melodic, I love it!