Friday, 30 July 2010

Welcome to the wonderful world of Medina

27 year old Danish singer Medina (real name Andrea Fuentealba Valbak) has emerged as the biggest star from her country since Alphabeat. In fact she's so successful in her homeland that the singer, that merges dance and R&B, has already featured on five #1 and two #2 singles there!!! Although You & I, the English translation to her mega hit Kun For Mig, stalled at #39 in the UK charts when given a release last year, it's gone on to become a top ten hit in Germany which has prompted the release of a full English language album, Welcome To Medina.

Rather than being a direct translation of her Danish LP it features English translations of the four singles; Kun For Mig (You & I), Ensom (Lonely), Vi To (The One) and Velkommen Til Medina (Welcome To Medina). All of these work really well and lay the foundations for a fantastic album, definitely my favourite right now and if you haven't yet heard it I fully recommend that you do. Addiction, 6AM, Execute Me and Selfish are other highlights with only a couple of filler tracks, and even those are better than most. I personally think that she should be given another chance in the UK - the fact that You & I went top 40 at all actually surprised me and there's clearly some interest in her here.

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