Friday, 14 May 2010

2010 - Suddenly not as bad as it seems?

2010 seems to have got off to a rather dire start all round, particularly in terms of the UK charts which have been filling up with terrible charity records, more tuneless forgettable rap than I could possibly imagine existing and little else to cheer about. Thank goodness then that in the last seven days or so there have been some rather brilliant new songs appearing, or at least that I've heard for the first time. So taking the fifteen new entries to my 'chart' this week, here's a little overlook of what has surfaced, and what I think you need to be listening to, summed up in a sentence or two for each!

#3 > Elin Lanto - Funeral - Incredible pop song from a Swedish singer who I've never been wildly enthusiastic about before. Her new album, Love Made Me Do It, is something of a pop opus and this is the easy highlight. How can she make such a dark subject into such a joyous pop song?

#6 > Katy Perry feat Snoop Dogg - California Gurls - I wasn't sure about this at first despite Katy being one of my favourite singers. But after a few listens the more summery take on Ke$ha's Tik Tok/Kylie's Love At First Sight comes into its own. Snoop even starts to sound like a decent addition after a while. Very enjoyable and one to listen to in the sun.

#9 > Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers - Talking of Kylie, the queen is back with All The Lovers, the first single from new album Aphrodite. I can't claim to be the biggest fan of either Slow or 2 Hearts as lead singles, so this gorgeous subtle yet at times stomping electro track is very welcome. Here's hoping for another long overdue UK #1, 2003 is a long time ago now.

#19 > Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything - The woman behind my favourite song of 2008, Love Song, is back with a song guaranteed not to prevent her from being a one hit wonder. A shame really as this jaunty piano led song could be Love Song's younger sister. As much attitude as that song had, this is a great comeback.

#20 > Elin Lanto - Give It All Up - My second favourite single from Elin's new album, this is the second best 80's power ballad influenced song of the last few months (after Alicia Keys' Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart of course). Brilliant chorus, really sticks in your head.

#31 > Edward Maya feat Vika Jigulina - This Is My Life - The second single from the team behind the fantastic European smash hit Stereo Love, about to debut inside the UK top 5 this weekend. More great Romanian influenced dance, lets hope this is another sizeable hit for the pair later in the year.

#38 > Lena Meyer-Landrut - Mr Curiosity - The teenager behind my favourite song at the moment, Satellite, Germany's Eurovision 2010 entry has released her debut album this week. On it features this lovely cover of a Jason Mraz song and my favourite from her in places average album.

#39 > Elin Lanto - Tickles - And so onto Elin's current single that she's used to launch the album with. I like it far more than Love Made Me Stupid and Doctor Doctor but surely Funeral is next in line for a release?

#40 > Bob Taylor feat Inna - Déjà Vu - Almost exactly the same as Inna's top ten UK hit Hot, but since when was that a bad thing? This is incredibly infectious.

#42 > MIA - XXXO - I was rather unimpressed with Born Free and its disturbing video but this is apparently the proper lead single. A big pop anthem with a great chorus, my favourite from MIA since the epic Paper Planes.

#44 > Fyfe Dangerfield - She's Always A Woman - Guillemots lead singer Fyfe's first breakthrough hit is an almost note for note cover of the old Billy Joel song. It's already soaring up the UK charts thanks to its use in the current John Lewis advertising campaign. Simple but very effective.

#45 > Scissor Sisters - Fire With Fire - I can't claim to be a huge fan of Scissor Sisters usually. I don't like Jake in full falsetto mode but am rather fond when he sings in his lower register, as on this single and Mary, in fact he sounds exactly like Elton John. Comeback single Fire With Fire is similar to Human by The Killers in a way, but also very infectious after a few listens. Sounds like a pop standard already.

#47 > Elin Lanto - Singing Goodbye - The tables are turned and we're now at Elin's hypothetical funeral. This is another lyrically dark yet musically gorgeous song from one of the best pop albums of the decade so far.

> Leona Lewis & Jennifer Hudson - Love Is Your Color - A duet between two superstars, taken from the Sex & The City 2 soundtrack. UK & US talent show stars Leona and Jennifer sound classy on this lovely ballad, rather than the diva-off I had been fearing. Melodically reminds me of a slowed down version of Show Me Your Colours by S Club 7!!!

#50 > Tone Damli Aaberge - I Love You - Norwegian singer Tone topped the charts last year there with the endearing Melodi Grand Prix runner up, Butterflies, a pure pop song made even sweeter with the use of strings and a harmonica. This song is much in the same vein but loses the harmonica. A string section, similar to the piano hook in Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles forms the base of the song's melody though. Very nice indeed.

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